Jewelry Made by Science Girls
O U R   S T O R Y,  b y   S A N D R A    C R U Z E:

Carla (the other science girl) and I go back to our early 20s.  Together we have designed furniture, cooked up a storm together, considered food trucks back when the only ones were truly roach coaches, and we thought “Eat and Run” Healthy fast food might be a good idea but we never pursued it. Painted banners and now a sign for a sweet small town alerting the population they have entered a new community Herman in Southern California.  

We have tossed around the idea of starting a nursery as we have ridiculous green thumbs. Prickly Pair, or Suck-u-lent. And then of course there is the science bug. I am a quasi amateur scientist, with a well read science library that might make a Cal Tech alumni drool. Carla was a physics major, and an art minor, who couldn't decide where to focus her time and energy for a degree, so she married her Physics Professor and stayed in the arts. Bamb -- dilemma settled.  

We dabble and float in the world of the Hadron Collider and all the new particles (Higgs Boson), 11 (yes 11) dimensions and strings, black holes, gravitons, inflatrons and multi-verses (this is landmark historic, and two guys will soon get the Nobel prize for discovering evidence of quantum gravity -- please forgive our pun here but it may be the heaviest thing discovered since evolution!  Maybe its even more bad ass because this is the thing that unifies the micro and macro cosmos).  And we love big bangs, dark matter and dark energy; all of it makes our mouths water.

Along with science, we have pondered masonary businesses:  "Stoned and Plastered", "MaMason" and "Ma-tile-ica" (we have these copy-righted, sorry folks). Because you guessed it, Carla is a ceramist extraordinaire, as well as the gal who gets the glazes right. I have watched her make rugs that should be hung in the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as the Smithsonian. She finds wool and then hand dyes it. Honestly, she is the Renaissance women. So I didn’t think since her latest love was hooking (rugs that is), that I could persuade her away from wool to jewels.  P.S. She teaches others how to hook what looks like tapestry from a museum, and in her words, “I adore teaching people to hook” Now there is a by-line if I've ever heard one.

Carla had always said I should design jewelry as I had a good eye for edgy yet contemporary looks. I’m really a concept gal -- a start up chick -- I will fly us to the moon but I need some one who knows how to land the shuttle. I NEED a partner. Writing is a solo adventure and I can stand that alone. Being a hairdresser and owner of  A salon/gallery which is wonderful but again, you are on your own. But all the rest? - give me my friends and any thing is possible...  

So now this is finally what happened... Sitting down one day with beads, semi-precious stones and some wire around a table, much like artisans most have done long ago, (why we decided to crochet rather than just string them neither of us can say) the beauty that began to unfold in our hands shocked us. “Oh my God” we both screamed, practically in unison, “They look like little Galaxy's” - pieces of stars flung across the expanding and gorgeous universe we are housed in. The birth of our nebula, our very own star nursery became String Theory Designs - Jewelry made by Science Girls.  

Again we have no clue why we started to crochet rather than just string. It is tedious, time consuming, often taking days to complete just one necklace, and yet extremely gratifying. We couldn't get enough of them; making them made us happy. Hence our by-line: Jewelry Made By Science Girls to Make You Happy. Because it makes us happy... We still both do a lot of other things, but when we sit down together to make a piece of jewelry it expands our joy in the way infinity can't be measured. Wear our jewels and fall into the grace that is a totally new dimension.